YouTuber Trevor Jacob Pleads Guilty for Plane Crash Video on YouTube

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Explore the case of YouTuber Trevor Jacob, who intentionally crashed a plane for more views on his channel. Become acquainted with his plea agreement, potential legal ramifications and ethical considerations associated with seeking online fame – read up in this SEO-friendly article.


Trevor Jacob, 29, admitted to intentionally crashing a plane to generate views for his YouTube channel and generate legal ramifications – including up to 20 years in prison – by intentionally obstructing federal investigations. In this post, we will discuss Trevor Jacob’s incident’s specifics, his plea bargain, and any potential consequences.

I. The Plane Crash Incident:

In November 2021, Trevor Jacob departed a Santa Barbara airport on a solo flight equipped with cameras mounted to his plane and equipped with both a parachute and selfie stick in order to film himself ejecting from the aircraft and parachuting back down as its plane descended and eventually crashed. Approximately 35 minutes after takeoff, Jacob’s plane crashed into Los Padres National Forest.

II. Trevor Jacob’s YouTube Video:

Following the crash, Trevor Jacob uploaded a YouTube video purporting that it was all an accident, garnering over 2.9 million views so far. However, some viewers noted that Jacob was already wearing a parachute without making any attempt to land the plane safely.

III. Plea Agreement and Charges:

After investigation, Trevor Jacob has agreed to plead guilty for destruction and concealment with intent to obstruct federal investigations, while filming video as part of product sponsorship deal. According to US justice department’s estimates, Jacob could face up to 20 years of incarceration for this crime.

IV. Removal and Destruction of Wreckage:

After reporting the crash to the National Transportation Safety Board and being assigned Jacob as responsible for preserving its wreckage, Jacob initially claimed not to know its location – only later discovering it himself via helicopter ride back there to secure and remove before ultimately destroying.


Trevor Jacob’s admission of intentionally crashing a plane for YouTube views has resulted in a plea agreement and legal ramifications, raising ethical concerns surrounding online fame pursuit and risky stunt performance. Jacob will attend court shortly to face punishment; how severe this punishment will be is yet unknown.

FAQs (YouTuber Trevor Jacob Pleads Guilty for Plane Crash Video on YouTube):

Q1: What charges does Trevor Jacob face?

A1: Trevor Jacob is accused of committing the felony offence of concealing and destroying information with the purpose to hinder a federal inquiry.

Q2:  How many views did Trevor Jacob’s YouTube video of the plane crash receive?

Trevor Jacob’s YouTube video showing the plane crash has amassed over 2.9 Million Views since being posted online.

Q3: What punishment could Trevor Jacob face for his criminal conduct?

A3: The maximum sentence for Trevor Jacob may be 20 years in prison.

Q4: Why was Trevor Jacob’s pilot license revoked last year?

A4: Trevor Jacob had his pilot’s license revoked last year.

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