Which Mineral Is Found in Nagaland? A Closer Look at Nagaland’s Rich Mineral Reserves

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Discover the answer to “Which Mineral is Found in Nagaland?” with this comprehensive article. Explore Nagaland’s mineral reserves, their uses, and their economic significance.


Nagaland, a northeastern Indian state, is renowned for its abundant mineral reserves. Covering 16,579 square kilometers, Nagaland boasts several significant economic minerals like Coal, limestone, petroleum, nickel, and copper – to name a few. But which Mineral Is Found in Nagaland?” This article will investigate this question and illuminate Nagaland’s mineral reserves, uses, and economic significance.

Which Mineral Is Found in Nagaland?

Coal is the standout mineral found in Nagaland. The state boasts several high-quality coal deposits with significant economic value, estimated at 31 million tonnes in the Tiru Valley Coalfield located east of the capital. Unfortunately, this Coal is a non-coking type – unsuitable for steel production but helpful in generating electricity.

Uses of Coal in Nagaland:

Coal is an essential mineral to Nagaland’s economy. It is mainly used for power generation at the Nagaland State Power Company Limited (NSPCL) thermal power plant in Dimapur, which burns Coal as its primary fuel. The plant has a capacity of 35 MW and supplies electricity to various parts of the state. Besides power production, Coal also finds use as cooking and heating material within households and small-scale industries.

Other Minerals Found in Nagaland

Apart from Coal, Nagaland also boasts several other minerals of economic significance. These include 

  • Petroleum deposits are mainly located in the Wokha district; estimates place their reserves at 600 million barrels.
  • Limestone: Limestone is abundant in Nagaland and primarily used in the cement industry. The state has an estimated budget of 100 million tonnes of limestone.
  • Nickel and Copper: Nagaland boasts small deposits of nickel and copper, mainly located in the Tuensang district. These minerals are primarily utilized in the production of electronic components.

Economic Significance of Nagaland’s Mineral Reserves:

Nagaland’s mineral reserves have immense economic significance for the state. Estimates place their worth around Rs. 1500 crore, representing an important source of revenue generation. To explore and exploit these resources, the Nagaland government has taken several initiatives that have created job opportunities and strengthened the local economy.

Which Mineral is Found in Nagaland and its uses:

MineralEstimated ReserveUsesEconomic Significance
Coal31 million tonnesPower generation, cooking, heatingWorth around Rs. 1500 crore, generates revenue, creates job opportunities
Petroleum600 million barrelsFuelSmall deposits, mainly found in Wokha district
Limestone100 million tonnesCement industryAbundant reserves
Nickel and CopperSmall depositsElectronic component manufacturingMainly found in Tuensang district
Which Mineral Is Found in Nagaland? A Closer Look at Nagaland’s Rich Mineral Reserves


Q. What is the essential mineral found in Nagaland?

A. Coal is the crucial mineral present here.

Q. How much coal reserve do we currently have in Nagaland?

A. According to estimates, Nagaland has an estimated reserve of 31 million tonnes of Coal.

Q. What are the economic implications of Nagaland’s mineral reserves?

A. Nagaland’s mineral reserves have immense economic significance for the state. They generate revenue and create job opportunities, making them vital regional assets.


Nagaland’s mineral reserves are plentiful and of major economic significance for the state. Coal is the most prevalent mineral found here, but other valuable minerals include petroleum, nickel, copper, and limestone.

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