Rock Slide Tragedy in Nagaland : 2 Lives Lost

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Rock Slide Tragedy in Nagaland – A tragic incident in Nagaland’s Chumoukedima leaves two dead and three seriously injured as a massive rock slide smashes cars. Watch the shocking video capturing the horrifying accident.

Massive Rock Slide Claims Two Lives – Horrifying Video Goes Viral

In a devastating car smashed incident in Dimapur’s Chumoukedima, Nagaland, a massive rock slide resulted in the loss of two lives and caused serious injuries to three individuals. The incident, which occurred during heavy rainfall on National Highway 29, near Old Chumoukedima police checkpost, has shocked the nation. A video capturing the horrifying accident has gone viral on social media, showcasing the destructive force of the rocks as they crushed the cars on the road.

Credits: Ani twitter – Rock Slide Tragedy in Nagaland

Tragic Loss of Life and Injuries

The incident took place around 5 pm, amid heavy rains, when a massive rock came hurtling down from the hillside, smashing a car and causing immediate death to one person. Another individual succumbed to their injuries while receiving treatment at the Referral Hospital. Three other victims, critically injured in the accident, are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Shocking Video Shakes Witnesses

A video recording of the incident has gone viral on social media platforms, leaving viewers appalled. The video captures the moment when giant rocks slid down from the hillside, crushing the cars parked on the road. The impact of the accident was so severe that the three cars involved were completely demolished, reduced to a heap of twisted metal.

Dramatic Rescue Efforts Underway

One person is still trapped inside one of the crushed cars, and rescue efforts are currently underway to free them. According to police officials, the cars affected by the rock slide were traveling from the Kohima side at the time of the accident. The entire incident was captured on the dash camera of a vehicle following closely behind, providing a firsthand account of the tragic event.

Conclusion – Rock Slide Tragedy in Nagaland

The tragic rock slide incident in Nagaland’s Chumoukedima has claimed two lives and caused severe injuries to three individuals. The shocking video footage of the accident has circulated widely on social media, revealing the devastating impact as the rocks demolished the cars. Efforts to rescue the trapped individual are ongoing, and the incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of natural disasters., Rock Slide Tragedy in Nagaland.

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