Uncovering Alobo Naga’s Tribal Roots: What Tribe is He From?

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Alobo Naga, the celebrated Indian singer-songwriter from Nagaland, has won hearts with his music. But have you ever stopped to think about what tribe he belongs to? This article delves into Alobo Naga’s tribal roots and charts his remarkable journey from humble beginnings.

What Tribe is He From?


Alobo Naga is an acclaimed Indian singer-songwriter from Nagaland who has significantly succeeded in the music industry. His debut album, Road of a Thousand Dreams, cemented his status as an iconic Indian artist and led to several other successful releases. Since July 2021, Alobo Naga also hosts his talk show, The Alobo Naga Show, which explores Alobo Naga’s tribal roots as he embarks on his successful journey as a successful entrepreneur. This article delves into Alobo Naga’s journey as we examine what tribe he hails from and what tribe he belongs to and uncovers what led him here!

What Tribe Is Alobo Naga?

Alobo Naga hails from the Achumi tribe, one of many Naga tribes in Nagaland. The Achumi people primarily reside in the Phek district of Nagaland. All Naga tribes share a rich cultural heritage passed down through generations; the Achumi people stand out due to their vibrant traditional attire and distinctive customs.

On May 6, 1984, in Kohima, Nagaland, Alobo Naga was born and raised in Dimapur before attending the University of Delhi to pursue a degree in mass communication. His interest in music began at an early age; during college, he began playing guitar and singing songs, eventually leading to the release of his debut album, Road of a Thousand Dreams (2012), by a music producer.

Alobo Naga’s Musical Career:

Alobo Naga’s music is an eclectic blend of pop, folk, pop-rock, and rap. His lyrics often address themes such as love, hope, and positivity. His work has become popular in India and internationally; he has performed in countries like the United States, Germany, and Singapore.

Alobo Naga also turned his music career into television, hosting The Alobo Naga Show in July 2021. This talk show highlights the talents of up-and-coming musicians and artists from Nagaland and India’s Northeast region.

Alobo Naga’s Personal Life:

Recently, Alobo Naga and Kiniholi Jakha tied the knot in 2022. Their wedding was a grand affair attended by several notable music industry personalities.

The Alobo Naga Show:

In addition to his successful music career, Alobo Naga is an accomplished talk show host. His show, The Alobo Naga Show, features conversations with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and other noteworthy individuals from various fields.

Since its debut in July 2021, Alobo Naga’s interviewing skills and easygoing personality have made the show a must-watch for fans of both music and talk shows.

How old is Alobo Naga?

Alobo Naga age:

NameAgeDate of Birth
Alobo Naga38 years oldMay 6, 1984

Alobo Naga tribal roots :

Alobo Naga’s TribeHe is from the Achumi tribe, one of the many tribes in Nagaland, Northeast India.
Achumi TribeThe Achumi tribe is known for their vibrant culture and rich heritage.
Traditional Occupation of Achumi TribeAgriculture, weaving, and handicrafts.
Language Spoken by Achumi TribeChokri dialect of the Sumi-Naga language.
Achumi FestivalsTuluni, Mimkut, and Tsukhenye.


Q. What is the meaning behind the name Alobo Naga?

A. Alobo Naga‘s name derives from the Naga language and means “the one who brings light,” while his Naga heritage is celebrated through the suffix “Naga.”

Q. What is the traditional attire of the Achümi tribe?

A. The traditional attire of the Achumi tribe consists of a vibrant wraparound skirt for women and cloth around the waist and shoulders for men. Additionally, they sport beaded jewelry and headgear.

Q. What are some of Alobo Naga’s most popular songs?

A. Alobo Naga‘s most popular songs include “Laughter in the Dark,” “Painted Dreams,” and “All We Have is Now.”


Alobo Naga is an accomplished musician and talk show host from Nagaland, India. As part of the Naga tribe, his distinctive sound and style have won him fans around the globe. His success serves as a testament to Northeast India’s cultural heritage as well as the talent of its people.

We look forward to seeing more of Alobo Naga’s work in the years ahead as he continues his global contributions to music and entertainment.

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